Why is document shredding important for companies?
Due to an increase in identify theft and the implementation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) Disposal Rule, businesses are required to implement procedures for proper document disposal.   Document shredding is the most secure, reliable and resourceful way to protect confidential information and to be compliant with the various laws. 

Why should I consider outsourcing my shredding? 
Outsourcing documents to be shredded is cost-effective and provides a secure way for information to remain confidential while enabling you to comply with regulations.  All documents are kept in locked consoles until pick-up.  It is risky to have employees handle confidential information that may contain sensitive information of their co-workers.  Therefore, outsourcing your shredding decreases the number of people handling confidential information. 

Where do the shredded materials go after shredding?
All shredded materials are transported to a paper mill to be recycled and are recycled into paper products.

What happens if my console is full before the regularly scheduled service time?
We offer on-call services.  If you need us to pick-up documents prior to your regularly scheduled time please call and we’ll schedule a time to come out.  If it appears that your console(s) are filling up quicker we can help you to select a different schedule for regular pick-ups.

Are your employees bonded?
Yes, our employees are bonded and have passed background checks.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?
Yes, we provide a Certificate of Destruction after every service.

Do we need to take off the paper clips?
No!  There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, clasps or rubber bands.

Why use a shedding company if we already recycle?
Using a paper shredding service is viable for many different reasons.  Document shredding ensures that all confidential information is properly destroyed and recycling doesn't.  Using a shredding company saves you time and money because requiring your employees to shred documents isn’t the best way to maximize your resources.  Your employees are paid competitive salaries to fulfill their job responsibilities.  When employees handle sensitive documents; information is no longer confidential. Therefore, you are putting yourself at risk for being non-compliant and the possibility of being fined.
Is it easier to just throw away documents my business no longer needs?
No, you could be putting yourself or your business at risk by simply throwing documents into the trash; complying with federal laws requires proper document destruction.  If you throw documents away you are at risk of being non-compliant with the various laws that have been implemented to protect confidential information.  You will also be a contributor to identity theft.  Therefore, shredding documents is the saf
est and securest way to destroy your client’s sensitive information.  

Frequently Asked Questions